Cindy Gobel

For Snohomish County Auditor

My experience, education, and integrity demonstrate that I have the knowledge and ability to be a great Auditor. The position of Auditor oversees four divisions: Licensing, Recording, Animal Services, and Elections. My first career was in law enforcement working with records, licensing and animal control for eleven years. My second career was in Elections, ensuring state and federal election law compliance for 17 years. The first 12 years were with Snohomish County elections, then in 2017 I advanced to a position with Secretary of State Kim Wyman in her Elections Division.

I worked with all 39 County Auditors providing training and ensuring legal compliance of election laws, along with certifying tabulation equipment for each state election. I expect to bring what I have learned at the state level to Snohomish County in a manner that incorporates both my Seattle University Law Degree, eleven years in law enforcement, and 17 years in elections. Thank you for your support.

Issues, Vision & Values

The Auditor’s office is where everyone, regardless of their beliefs or politics, takes care of the basics – from registering to vote, applying for a marriage license, registering your pet, vehicle or boat or recording documents; the Auditor’s office does a number of things and touches all aspects of our lives. I’m running for Auditor because Snohomish County deserves leadership that is excited to engage with our community, that upholds the law and provides accessible services. 

I will bring back faith and trust in democracy by building an Auditor’s office that fosters excellent customer service and attention to detail, cultivates integrity, follows the law, and assures you that you, your life, and your vote, truly matter.


Over the past few years, many have attempted to erode our trust in elections. They want to dismantle the strong and secure systems that Washington state has that safeguard everyone’s right to vote. It’s a thinly veiled attempt to make voting more difficult for the people who don’t vote for them. We know what works and what doesn’t. As your county Auditor, I will protect our voting process and make it a more open and inclusive process, like it should be. 

I will bring 17 years of experience working in election integrity and security to the Auditor’s office. A strong Auditor’s office does not bend to conspiracy theories and upholds our democratic values. I will use the latest and proven secure counting methods and equipment, provide fair working environments for our election workers and volunteers so that they can exceptionally do their jobs, and balance accuracy with timely, transparent election updates that our community expects. 


Snohomish county has grown, and our population is more diverse than it was 10 years ago. The work of the Auditor’s office, at its core, involves every individual over the age of 18 in our county and should be accessible to those that call it home.

Providing forms in additional languages opens up access to the services the Auditor’s office offers to our community, especially our BIPOC community members. It is critical the office prioritizes increasing BIPOC access to voting and elections, licensing processes and all other forms of services the Auditor’s office offers.

Our community members deserve access to forms that are offered in diverse languages and guidance throughout the process. The ripple effect of accessibility will increase voter participation, produce revenue and help create a stronger Snohomish County.



The Auditor’s office should serve as an information hub for election, licensing, recording and animal services. As the county Auditor, I vow to run a responsive office that prioritizes customer service and access to education. Under my leadership, the office will be transparent and regularly interact with our community, not just during campaign season.

Part of that educational role is reaching out to our young people and cultivating a relationship with our high schools- those students turn into voting members and need the foundational education to become active participants in the voting process.

I will strengthen community education about voting access by making information available in multiple languages, brokering partnerships with community groups to spread information, and staffing offices with diverse and qualified elections personnel.

Campaign Kick-Off

May 23, 2023 6-9 PM

Floral Hall in Forest Park
802 E. Mukilteo Blvd.,
Everett, WA 98203

The Leadership Our County Needs

Meet Cindy

It is entirely possible we’ve already met! I am a longtime resident of Marysville and a mom to two teenage daughters in the Marysville School District. Previously I worked for Snohomish County in the Auditor’s office assisting folks with election and voter registration needs. I also worked for both Secretary of States Kim Wyman and Steve Hobbs, where my position ensured legal compliance for all Washington State elections.

I spend much of my free time volunteering in my community in groups such as Girl Scouts, PTSA, Best Schools Marysville, and others. For years I have been encouraging our youth to participate in the Future Voters Program and providing messaging that supports young voter participation. I also participate in various organizations like the American Association of University Women and Washington Women Lawyers.

In every organization that I support I see new leadership bringing new ideas, and new ideas leading to growth and development. Please join me in continuing to make Snohomish County a great place to raise our families.